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My name is t-Bone. I am not only the manager of the NCSS Solana Spa team but I am also the owner of Solana Spa. My journey with CBD began when i first started in this league. I thought I had a really bad hamstring pull. It turned out to be sciatica.  A chiropractor friend introduced me to CBD oil so I took some.  Honestly, I did NOT EXPECT anything as my pain was very, very intense!  In fact my first reaction was – “SNAKE OIL”!!  Over the course of a few days not only did my pain diminish but I found I was sleeping better. I can’t guarantee the same for you but as a daily user of the oil and the salves I have never felt better.  I have also been known to enjoy the CBD bath bombs (YES – I like bubble baths) after an extra tiring game. For NCSS (and family), I offer significant discounts on all of our CBD products and massage services

If you are suffering muscle pains or general pain, these CBD products may be just what you need.  Contact me with any questions.  Generally speaking, I can have any of these products to you in the same day.  I may be reached at 760-496-4961 or SolanaSpaSoftball@gmail.com.

You may not realize this but scientists believe that inflammation is the root of many diseases.Check out the detailed information that I discovered by clicking the button below.

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